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Yes it does it as a lot of vitamins like vitamin E and coconut oil but when you buy it it's like a thick paste so all you need to do well you don't have to but I do it you warm up hot water till it is boiling then you put some of the super bonner bros super gro && you get a little cup and and but the super gro in it just a little then it turns in to an oil and ou just put it to your hair and give your self a scalp massage and then the next day you put your hair into a Bards so it grows faster

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Q: Will Bonner Bros super gro make your hair grow?
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The cheapest way to grow your hair out is by using warm/hot water on your hair when you wash it. :)

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yes if you cut up a half onion then put in your shampoo for 15 days let it sit then use it it will make your hair grow super fast

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