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Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • You bring out the best in me
  • I feel comfortable being myself when I'm around you;
  • No one else has ever made me feel unique/cherished/______ like you do;
  • Your strength/integrity/______ inspires me to be a better person;
  • You are a rare gem that exemplifies kindness/trust/_____;
  • You've seen me at my best and my worst, yet love me anyway;
  • The way you show affection/caring/love/emotion/_____.
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Tell him he has nice smile.

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Q: What are some cute texts I can send to my boyfriend?
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What are some cute things you can say in a letter to your boyfriend?

Your boyfriend will think that just about anything you say is cute, but tell him how much you love him and how lucky you think you are to have him.

What are some cute love words?

sexy, sex, cute, gorgeous, adorable, chit chatting, sexy girl, my boyfriend

What are some examples of cute boyfriend quotes?

Cute boyfriend quotes are about love and cherishing that person. Many quotes are of unknown origin, although some do have a noted author. Chris Brown wrote - You are my greatest gift and I seal it with a kiss.

How do you tell if your boyfriend still likes you if you have been going out for 3 in a half months?

Do his eyes light up when you walk in the room? Does he still send you sweet, nice texts and emails? Does he love to be around you? Does he brag about you to his friends? there are tons of ways to know but these are some of the best

What should you send your boyfriend overseas?

Send him a photo of you and him, or just a photo of you. Its also nice to send him some local treats, like chocolate or some rock if you live near the sea.

How to Get your ex back fast?

So... you want to get your ex boyfriend back?One of the easiest ways you can win your ex boyfriend back is by simply using your cell phone and tapping a bunch of buttons.Sound absurd? Well, it isn't... I've coached thousands of women around the world to effectively "Text Their Exes Back"... even if they initially thought that it was impossible to ever rekindle any sort of romance with their ex boyfriend.And today, I'm about to give you some tips on how you can force your boyfriend to come running back to you (and no, he'll definitely have absolutely no choice in the matter).Ready?This is the first text you can send to get started (but don't send these text messages yet. At the end of the article, I'll tell you exactly when to send these texts, because when you send these messages is just as important as what you send).Read More [ sitesDOTgoogleDOTcom/view/3-texts-to-send-your-ex/home ] (Replace DOT with . )

What are some cute signatures about your boyfriend for your phone?

You could put his name and her name her is an example Maggie+John=<3

Should I get my boyfriend some cologne for Christmas because I'm only in 9th grade?

Yea, that would be cute =)

What should you do if you have a boyfriend who does not call or visit but only texts you sometimes?

You dump him. Did you really need to ask? Have some self-respect, girl.

Why i cant sent an sms to 8888?

The number may not be set up to receive texts. Not all numbers available on the mobile network accept incoming texts... some are set to 'send' only.

Why would your ex boyfriend send you a drunk text saying hi?

maybe because he might still feelings for you or some times when you are drunk you think of the person you broke up with if you where an ex boyfriend to someone you will send a message

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That would depend on the person. Not everyone has the capability to send text messages, some people choose not to. Some people will send between none and five a day while others may send hundreds. The Pew research center claims that the average is 42.