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Q: Why are you dizzy and im sitting down?
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Why do you get dizzy a lot?

There can be a lot of reasons ranging from a stroke to a problem in the inner ear to low blood pressure to many other neurological and cardiovascular problems. The best course is to see your doctor.

What do i have if im dizzy?

If you are dizzy, well sit down and hold your head! dizziness also come when you spin. your brain can't keep up with what your seeing, and your head starts hurting. if you eat little, you can also get dizzy.

What are the side effects of antiangina drugs?

These medicines make some people feel lightheaded, dizzy, or faint when they get up after sitting or lying down.

If you have four strings and im played sitting down?

either a violin or viola

What brand of chouch are you sitting on?

Im not sitting on a chouch im sitting on a chair.

You feel unbalanced when you get up and walk but im fine when im up 4 a while why?

Sometimes when you have been sitting for too long you may feel dizzy when you first get up. Also, the dizziness may be caused by de-hydration.

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What is a good sentence for dizzy?

The flu left me feeling dizzy. Feeling dizzy, I sat down.