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Q: How is genial herpes transmitted?
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Is herpes virus disease commonly transmitted by polluted water?

Herpes is not transmitted by polluted water.

How can herpes zoster be transmitted?

It is transmitted by "sexual contact".

Is it ok to swallow semen if your partner has herpes?

No. Herpes is a virus and can spread. Most likely you would get cold sores around your mouth. Cold sores are herpes simplex and the same as genial herpes. The person you are having sex with will give you herpes if it is active.

How is herpes transmitted from one person to another?

Herpes is spread by coming in contact with the herpes virus. The herpes virus can be spread even when a person isn't having an outbreak.

Is mouth herpes real?

Yes. Cold sores are from the herpes simplex virus. Herpes can also be transmitted through oral sex.

Is herpes a good thing?

No definitely if it is sexually transmitted

Can you get herpes from sharing alcohol?

Hsv -1 (herpes simplex virus) can be transmitted through the sharing of saliva/kissing. hsv -2 is transmitted through sexual contact.

Did herpes come from animals?

No its is an STD(sexually transmitted disease)

Who would be a risk of herpes?

Someone who is having unprotected sex would be at risk for contracting herpes. Oral herpes can also be transmitted by contact with the infected area.

What is the connection between thrush and herpes?

Both are potentially sexually transmitted.

What happened to Andy Biersack's dog?

It died of Dog Herpes, transmitted by Ashley.

Does one get herpes if they are stupid enough to wear swim suit of a person that might have had herpes over the underwear of course?

NO. it's a sexually transmitted disease.