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I suppose so. I didn't think a person could be allergic to fried chicken, but I was wrong. So you're probably wrong, too ;)

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Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a disinfectant, but it is for external use only, do not drink it. Food grade hydrogen peroxide can be used as a mouthwash, but you still should not drink it.

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Q: Can one ingest food grade hydrogen peroxide?
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Is hydrogen peroxide a food grade?

Yes offcourse

Do pharmacies sell food grade hydrogen peroxide?

No, pharmacies typically sell hydrogen peroxide for topical use as an antiseptic. Food-grade hydrogen peroxide is not typically sold in pharmacies and is often found in specialty health stores or online retailers. It's important to use caution and follow proper guidelines when using food-grade hydrogen peroxide.

Where do you get Food grade Hydrogen peroxide in Kuwait?

upakan mo

What is a natural oxygenating substance?

food grade hydrogen peroxide

Food grade hydrogen peroxide?

It exists. Check out a health-food or bodybuilding store.

Where can you buy food grade food grade hydrogen peroxide in India especially Northern India?

From a chemical supplier, of course.

Where can you buy food grade hydrogen peroxide in Calgary?

Community Natural Foods

Where to buy 35 percent Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?

35 percent Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide can be found at health food stores, online retailers, or specialty chemical suppliers. Make sure to verify its purity and grade before purchasing for safety and quality purposes.

Why would drugstores sell hydrogen peroxide with stabilizers that are less safe for the consumer than the safer more pure food grade hydrogen peroxide?

They want the money.

What is the difference between food grade peroxide and regular peroxide of the same strength?

"Regular" hydrogen peroxide often contains a small amount of acetanilide as a stabilizing agent.

Where can you get hydrogen peroxide?

Pretty much any drug store will sell it, as it is used for cleaning wounds. However, drug store hydrogen peroxide is full of stabalizers an is for external use. You may need 'Food Grade' hydrogen peroxide although even that can be a minefield as even some Food grades contain potentially toxic stablizers. The only online company I know that sells 'Asceptic Food Grade' hydrogen peroxide yu can find via the link below.

Where do you buy food grade hydrogen peroxide in NZ?

Hello! I am looking for a place to buy the food grade 35% ( or less concentrated) Hydrogen Peroxide In Hong Kong. My e-mail is: If you know please tell the the address. Thank you!