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If you have actual MDMA it is fairly hard to overdose, you would have to set out to do it. The LD50 for MDMA is 80mg/kg. Note that most pills sold as ecstasy don't contain MDMA but most likely contain amphetamines or research chemicals (i.e mephedrone or MDPV)

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Q: How easy is it to overdose on ecstasy?
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Did M Shadows overdose on ecstasy?


How easy it become to addicted to ecstasy?

not easy

Can you die from ecstasy overdose?

Yes, you can die from ecstasy overdose. In fact, you are more likely to die from a overdose than survive. The 'in fact' part of this answer is a bit deceptive. The 'lethal dose' of any drug is usually considered to be the point where 50% of subjects given that dosage (measured by mg per kg of body weight) will die.

How would you treat Ecstasy at a hospital?

Most likely just ice packs and if an overdose adrenline shot.

How do you overdose on ecstasy. NO i am not trying to do so.?

easy just take more than you can handle.its a pretty bad way to die just to know.your head starts to hurt.start to lose consciousness shaking starts and foam comes out your mouth.

What does the xo stand for in Ovoxo?

It stands for ecstasy an oxycodone. Drakes and the weekends favorite drugs. That's why he says xo till we overdose

What are medical salts in Ecstasy?

"Medical salts" in the context of Ecstasy refers to synthetic cathinones, which are stimulant substances similar to amphetamines. These substances are often added to Ecstasy to enhance its effects, but they can also pose serious health risks, including increased heart rate, high blood pressure, and even overdose. They are often associated with the negative side effects of Ecstasy use.

Can you overdose on diamond dust drug?

It's quite easy to overdose on it, yes. It's also very dangerous.

Is manslaughter a charge for ecstasy?

Yes, one pill is a charge for manslaughter. This is because x often enough causes an overdose, therefore they count it as unintentional death.

What happens when they laced it with exteccy?

When a substance is laced with ecstasy, it means that ecstasy has been added without the user's knowledge. This can lead to unpredictable and dangerous effects, as the person may unknowingly consume a higher dose of ecstasy than intended, increasing the risk of overdose, dehydration, and other serious health issues. It is important to always be aware of what substances you are consuming to stay safe.

What ithe s amount that causes an overdose for ecstasy?

The LD50 (the point at which 50% of people would die) for MDMA is estimated at about 4000mg. That being said, most ecstasy pills do not only contain MDMA. Since every pill is different, and you have no way of knowing how much of what is in each pill, there is no realistic answer for your question.

What are the symptoms of ecstasy addiction?

Characteristic symptoms of ecstasy addiction include euphoric like behavior, extreme energy level, seeing things others can't and excessive sweating. Nausea, muscle cramping, blurred vision and teeth clenching. This drug also disrupts the bodies temperature regulation and can lead to hypothermia that can result in overdose.