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Pour some water onto your hand. It doesn't disappear. The human skin is cleverly designed and adapted to be hyrdrophobic (repels water). Salt in the sea is dissolved as part of a solution and therefore will not be absorbed by the skin. The only way the sea water can enter your system is via drinking or enterring through the nose!!

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Q: Can you absorb salt from the ocean through your skin?
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Can frogs absorb oxygen through their skin?

Yes. They can also absorb moisture through their skin.

Can salt dry out your skin?

Yes Salt can dry out your skin...or at least Salt Water can like the Ocean

What can the skin absorb?

No. It will dry your skin and since it has salt in it, your skin might break out more. (actually, it bepends on your skin and blood) Mostly though you will stay the SAME!

How does a toad get its water?

They absorb it through their skin.

How do amoeba drink?

they absorb it through there skin

Where do frogs get water from?

They absorb it through their skin.

Can walking in ocean salt make a person retain fluid?

Salt is not going to get into the body through the skin if you walk in it, you have to actually eat or drink it for it to get into your body and affect your fluid balance.

Why does swimming in the ocean make your skin sting?

because of the salt

Would salt in your bath help dehydration?

No, it could actually make dehydration worse since the salted water in the bath would try to absorb water from your skin due to osmosis. Salts lost during sweating can not be compensated for by absorbing salt through skin. It has to come through the normal channel of stomach.

Can a person absorb fat through skin pores?


How do animals adapt in ocean?

Fish drink the salt water through their gills and the gills avoid the salt water making it fresh.They also take in oxygen from the gills or skin to breath.

Does the skin absorb nutrients?

Nutrients are able to be absorbed through the skin. About 60 percent of materials, natural or chemical, will be absorbed through the skin.