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weight and physical health

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Q: What is one explanation for the generally lower tolerance for alcohol in women in comparison to men?
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How do you use tolerance in a sentence when your talking about alcohol?

There is no tolerance here when drinking alcohol.

How does tolerance relate to blood alcohol?


Which is worse alcohol or redbull?

Alcohol. There is no comparison.

Are some people unaffected by alcohol?

Alcohol affects anyone who drinks it. Some people have a high tolerance for alcohol which makes it seem that they are unaffected until they have had enough to exceed the tolerance level, at which point they usually become drunk quite rapidly. A high tolerance for alcohol is a defining characteristic of alcohol addiction, by the way.

What is alcohol tolerance?

Alcohol tolerance refers to responses to the effects of ethanol in alcoholic beverages. This includes the speed of recovery from insobriety and resistance to alcoholism.

Is it true that people with a high alcohol tolerance are at greater risk for alcohol problems?

High tolerance for alcohol is one of the first signs of developing alcoholism. The problem has already begun at that point.

Define tolerance of alcohol?

Tolerance refers to the blood alcohol level necessary to cause impairment of mental and physical function. As alcoholism develops, the ability to tolerate alcohol also increases.

Can a tolerance or dependence be formed to alcohol?


What is alcohol tolerance curve?

very short

Can neurobion increase one's tolerance to alcohol?

No. Increased tolerance comes from addiction, not outside sources.

What happens when the body forms a tolereance to alcohol?

With tolerance, it takes more alcohol to achieve the same effects that lesser quantities created before tolerance developed.

Does a greater tolerance for alcohol lower a persons BAC?