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You have to have a valid and current license

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Q: Can you prescribe medicine and treat patients if you have a medical degree but are not practicing medicine?
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Will a medical assistant be charged with a felony or misdemeanor for prescribing the wrong medication?

Medical assistants are not allowed to prescribe any medications. That would be practicing medicine without a license.

Can a psychiatrist prescribe medicine in all 50 states?

Yes psychiatrists are medical doctors. Psychologists, who are not medical doctors, cannot prescribe in most states.

Can psychologist prescribe antidepressants?

Phychologist should not prescribe medication. If they want to prescribe let them enter medical school and study medicine.

Who can prescribe medications?

A physician with a medical degree (MD, DO, DPM) A PhD is not a medical degree, they cannot prescribe medicine.

Can your doctor prescribe you Pagoclone or does it have to be a speech therapist?

It is not in production yet. Also, speech therapists do not have medical degrees and can not prescribe medicine.

Can psychologists prescribe medicine?

Psychologist cannot prescribe medications. Psychiatrists can. No, psychologists cannot prescribe medicine. Psychiatrists are the professionals who take medical school and therefore can prescribe medicine.

What is M D degree?

M.D. stands for Doctor of Medicine, which is a professional degree awarded to individuals who have completed medical school and training to become a licensed physician. It qualifies them to diagnose and treat patients, prescribe medications, and perform medical procedures.

Psychologists are first trained as medical doctors and can prescribe medications to clients?

Not true. A psychologist is a non medical degree. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor (physician) with a specialty in psychiatry. Therefore, a psychiatrist can prescribe medicine, where a psychologist cannot.

Aren't the DOs and the MDs both medical doctors?

Yes, Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DOs) and Doctors of Medicine (MDs) are both medical physicians and can prescribe medications, do surgeries, and specialize in any medical field.

Is it legal to prescribe marijuana for medical conditions?

Yes depending on what state you live in the are medical marijuana programs designed to prescribe marijuana to patients either in pill form or marijuana to smoke. I am a patient of medical marijuana my self in California and I buy my medical marijuana from several medical marijuana dispensaries in my town

What types of medication does a doctor prescribe for heart patients?

There are literally hundreds of medications prescribed for heart patients. It completely depends on the patient's heart condition and their other medical conditions.

How do you become a profeesor of medicine?

You go to college and medical school and then residency to become a practicing physician. Then you take a position where you teach medical students or residents.