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If you feel like you need to sneeze really badly.

Then you probably are about to have an orgamism.

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Q: How do you know if your aboout to have an orgamism?
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How do you know an author is writing in the second person?

because they are telling you aboout the person

Which orgamism has chloroplasts?

A plant cell

What is the history of how an orgamism has changed over time?


What is a heteroph?

Orgamism that obtains energy from the foods it consoumes.

How do the strucutres in an orgamism relate to its functions?

it is that one thing

An orgamism that has two different alles for a trait is called?

A heterozygote.

A chemical substance that an orgamism requires to live is called?

a nutrient.

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4.6million years ago

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an organism is anything living, you orgamism

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its important because the orgamism need thing to eat

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Generation, transport, consumption