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no, just cocaine.

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Q: Can you get euphoric from benzocaine?
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Is benzocaine an amide based anesthetic?

No, benzocaine is an ester.

What is a benzocaine?

A benzocaine is a local anaesthetic used as a topical pain reliever.

What is the difference between benzocaine and benzocaine hydrochloride?

Benzocaine is a local anesthetic used to numb skin and mucous membrane. Benzocaine hydrochloride is the hydrochloride salt form of benzocaine, which is more water-soluble than benzocaine and may have different pharmacokinetic properties. Benzocaine hydrochloride is often used in pharmaceutical formulations that require water solubility.

Would you say have an euphoric day or have a euphoric day?

"Have a euphoric day" is the correct expression.

Where can you buy Benzocaine?

For 99.9% Benzocaine from £140/kg plus delivery, email -

Would you say have a euphoric day or have an euphoric day?

"Have a euphoric day" is the correct phrasing. The article "a" is used before words that start with a consonant sound, like 'euphoric'.

Why is ethanol used in excess in the preparation of benzocaine?

Excess ethanol is used in the preparation of benzocaine to help drive the equilibrium of the reaction towards the formation of benzocaine. By using excess ethanol, the reaction can shift to the right, ensuring that a higher yield of benzocaine is obtained. Additionally, excess ethanol can help dissolve all the reactants and products, aiding in the purification process.

What is opposite word for euphoric?

Opposite words for euphoric include:sedatedepressed

When was Euphoric Heartbreak created?

Euphoric Heartbreak was created in 2010.

Can you get sick from swallowing benzocaine?


My boyfriend used a condom with benzocaine he has been drug tested at work. how long does it stay in your blood stream?

Benzocaine is a local anesthetic, for which drug screens do not test. Benzocaine is not an addictive substance, and therefore it has not been made a controlled substance.

Can you smoke benzocaine?

It is not safe or recommended to smoke benzocaine. Benzocaine is a local anesthetic that can cause serious health risks if smoked, such as lung irritation, respiratory issues, and potential overdose. It is important to always use medications as directed by a healthcare professional.