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Yes depending on what state you live in the are medical marijuana programs designed to prescribe marijuana to patients either in pill form or marijuana to smoke. I am a patient of medical marijuana my self in California and I buy my medical marijuana from several medical marijuana dispensaries in my town

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Q: Is it legal to prescribe marijuana for medical conditions?
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Is Only Legal To Prescribe Nutrition For Medical Conditions If You Are A Licensed Dietitian?

It Is Only Legal To Prescribe Nutrition For Medical Conditions If You Are A Licensed Dietitian ?

How can marijuana be legal in a state?

If you have a terminal illness and doctors prescribe you medical weed. but only then is it legal in the US

Can doctors prescribe Medical Marijuana in Virginia?

No, doctors cannot prescribe Medical Marijuana in the state of Virginia. It is legal in 23 of the 50 states and Virginia is not one of them. medical marijuana has been legal in virginia since 1979, for glaucoma and cancer, recent actions may have enabled it for pain, more work has been on-going for other ailments such as anxiety and other psycological disorders

Is marijuana is legal in medical use?

Medical marijuana is legal with a prescription from your doctor.

Is medical marijuana legal in Arizona?

For medicinal purpose, Medical marijuana is legal in Arizona

What could be a legal or medical reason to prescribe alcohol or marijuana?

This is a delicate issue which couldn't be discussed over here. There is a lot of alternative therapies that can be used instead alcohol or marijuana. So, there isn't any legal or medical reason to use such substances for any purpose.

How is legal marijuana made?

same as illegal marijuana. all marijuana is made the same only they use some of it to treat medical conditions and things like that. so basically if you got legal marijuana it would be the exact same stuff as illegal marijuana

What is the legal age for a medical marijuana card in Arizona?

Three is the legal age for a medical marijuana card in AZ

Where is medical marijuana fully legal?

In Colorodo only, medical marijuana is fully legalized

Is medical marijuana legal in France?


Are there any legal marijuana?

yes. medical marijuana. google it

What kind of weed is legal?

Medical marijuana, but medical marijuana must be legal in your state, and you must have a doctor's prescription for it to be okay for you to have it and smoke it.

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