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yes. medical marijuana. Google it

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Q: Are there any legal marijuana
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Is marijuana legal in Iowa?

Marijuana is not legal in any state but California so far.

Are there any legal or good uses of marijuana?

doctors can perscribe marijuana to canser patients

Is legal medical marijuana passed in California?

Marijuana is not legal in any state, however California has decriminalized it and it is only suppose to be used for medicinal purposes.

Is there any marijuana that is legal?

not that i know of but there are substitutions like "salvia"

Is hybrid marijuana legal in Missouri?

When it comes to marijuana, if it's any kind except medicinal, then it's illeagal.

Is marijuana legal in Lithuania?

Industrial marijuana is legal. Marijuana, that can be used for intoxication purposes, is illegal.

Is marijuana legal in Australia?

Marijuana is not legal in Australia, and driving under the influence of marijuana carries severe penalties.

Is marijuana is legal in medical use?

Medical marijuana is legal with a prescription from your doctor.

Is marijuana legal in Thailand?

No it is not legal

Why is cigarretts legal and marijuana not?

because tobacco is not easy to grow. therefor it is easy for the government to monitor and tax all of the cigarettes or any other form of tobacco. However marijuana is very easy to be grown and harvested, and can be done indoor or outdoor. if it was legal, it would be nearly impossible for the government to tax you for it, and they wouldn't make any money if marijuana was legal.

Legal buds is it real marijuana or is it fake marijuana?

it is legal and alot more stronger.

Is Marijuana legal in Panama?

marijuana is legal NO WHERE but its highly tolerable like Jamaica or Amsterdam but you can get a prescription