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it is legal and alot more stronger.

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Q: Legal buds is it real marijuana or is it fake marijuana?
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Is Legal Buds com a total scam and lie? does NOT sell legal buds! Yes they are a total scam and LIE! Beware of this bad company. They are also and to hide their TERRIBLE reputation! Beware. legal buds DOES SELL LEGAL BUDS, anyplant has buds so they are not lying when they say it is legal.. because none of the buds are marijuana.. but buds from other legal plants. They don't lie either, they say it will not get you high and is not an alternative to getting high right on the disclaimer page. If you just need something different to smoke as alternative to cigarettes or something then this site is for you, but none of their products contain THC or anything else weed related and it explains all of that on the site. Sorry for the idiot who says its a scam. He probably ordered a quantity from the site without reading all the disclaimers and stuff liek that that clearly says it is NOT marijuana and is NOT compared to marijuana, so it will NOT get you high. If you want marijuana I suggest you find some on the streets because until it is decriminalized or legalized you wont find the real thing anywheres on the web, plain and simple.

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