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This is a delicate issue which couldn't be discussed over here. There is a lot of alternative therapies that can be used instead alcohol or marijuana. So, there isn't any legal or medical reason to use such substances for any purpose.

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2013-01-15 16:55:47
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Q: What could be a legal or medical reason to prescribe alcohol or marijuana?
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Is it true a doctor can medicate with marijuana?

Yes, marijuana is a useful treatment for a number of medical problems, including nausea, and glaucoma. Doctors can prescribe it. However, laws do vary in different jurisdictions. Marijuana is available for medical purposes in some locations, and not in others. The nation of Uruguay recently legalized marijuana completely, so in that country you can use it for whatever reason you wish.

Is smoking marijuana good in a way?

If you don't have another reason to justify smoking marijuana, then logically, this is not the one reason. In general, if you have a medical condition - possibly.

Can you get a medical marijuana card if you have had your appendix removed?

Assuming you are in a place where medical marijuana is permitted, an appendix removal is not a valid reason for it. After having it removed, there is no reason why you would need the marijuana, since it doesn't cause any extreme pain and has no need of the various effects often quoted as beneficial of marijuana.

Were is marijuana legal in the US?

no were only in Canada unless you have a medical reason. in Canada, you can grow and smoke marijuana. but selling it is highly illegal

Is it safe to drink alcohol when you get your period?

There is no medical or health reason not to do so.

Why it is illegal to take medicine that has not been prescribed for you?

If you had a medical reason to take a particular type of medicine, then your doctor would be willing to prescribe it for you. If you cannot obtain a prescription, that indicates that you do not have a medical reason to take that medicine. If you do not have a medical reason, your only other reason would be recreational, and the recreational use of drugs other than tobacco and alcohol is generally illegal. Society frowns upon such things, since they are not good for you and can have very serious consequences such as addiction or death.

Can you get fired from your job if you test dirty even though you have a medical marijuana recomandation?

The only way you cannot get fired is if you have a medical marijuana prescription...and you have to prove that you did the right thing to fill it...You simply cannot just have a recommendation that is not a legal reason to have marijuana lol...

What is the delivery method for marijuana?

Marijuana is usually smoked (much like tobacco) but it can also be brewed as a tea, or baked into brownies. Do not do this unless you have a legitimate medical reason to do so.

Is medical marijuana safe?

Yes. the reason "street weed" isn't safe, is becouse the dealer may alter it

Can a neurologist prescribe psych drugs?

Any board certfied Medical Doctor should be able to prescribe physchiatric drugs. However the reason physchiatrists exist is because they can better diagnose and treat psychological issues.

My boyfriend smokes marijuana you want him to quit?

People who smoke marijuana do so for a reason, wether it be medical or psychological, and it becomes part of who they are. If you don't like that he smokes it, then you don't like him.

How do you obtain medical marijuana?

To obtain medical marijuana one would first need to be in a state that allows it. Then go to a doctor that prescribes cannabis cards. You need to make an appointment to see one and give them a legit reason why you should have one.

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