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Pokemon is a very famous cartoon and games series. The number 386 in the national Pokedex in Pokemon Diamond is Deoxys.

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Q: Who is number 386 in national pokedex in Pokemon diamond?
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Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon is number 117 on diamond pokedex?

Well, since there is no number 117 in the local pokedex in Pokemon Diamond, we have to look into the national pokedex. In the national pokedex, number 117 is Seadra. Number 117 in the Sinnoh Pokedex is Wooper, can be found in the great marsh or on route 212

What Pokemon is number 146 on Pokemon Diamond?

== ==In the SINNOH Pokedex it is UXIE.In the NATIONAL Pokedex it is MOLTRES.== ==

In the pokedex in Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon is 114?

In the Sinnoh Pokedex Number 114 is Mantine. In the National Pokedex its Kabutops.

What Pokemon is number two in the national dex on Pokemon Diamond?

The Pokemon that is number two in the National Pokedex is ivysaur.

What Pokemon is number 3 in the national pokedex on diamond?


Who is number 492 in national pokedex in Pokemon diamond?


What is number 486 in Pokemon diamond national pokedex?


What is number 146 on the pokedex in Pokemon diamond?

146 is Uxie on sinnoh pokedex On National pokedex it is Moltres

Which Pokemon he number 80 in the pokedex on Pokemon diamond?

That depends. In the Sinnoh Pokedex, #80 is Barboach. In the National Pokedex, #80 is Slowbro.

What Pokemon is number 486 in Pokemon Diamond?

Regigigas. He is number 486 on the National Pokedex, but has no Regional Pokedex number. He can be found in the Snowpoint Temple.

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl what is number 486 in the National Pokedex?


What pokemon is number 46 on the national pokedex in Pokémon Diamond?