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go to mininova and download the torrent

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Q: Where can you download Lego Rock Raiders?
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When was Lego Rock Raiders - video game - created?

Lego Rock Raiders - video game - was created on 1999-11-15.

Where can you download Lego rock raiders for my computer?

You can download it here,, but you will need to not have downloaded anything from rapidshare that day.

Where do you put the cheat codes in for Lego rock raiders?

The cheats dont work, simple as that.

How do you hack Lego Rock Raiders?

Sigh, you can't. You can only mod it. The cheat codes are fake.

When was Lego Racers - video game - created?

Lego Rock Raiders - video game - happened in 1999.

What does the LMS in LMS Explorer from the Lego Rock Raiders PC game stand for?

L - LegoM - MiningS - Ship

How many songs are in lego rock band?

There are 45 songs on the Lego Rock Band disc. However, there are are hundreds of songs available to download, and it is compatible with a select amount of Rock Band DLC and exports.

Do you have to download LEGO universe?

You will have to download Lego universe if you have access to it.

Would it be cool if Lego rock raiders had invader zim in it not in loges but in cartoon?

I think it would look odd, but I also think it could be pretty cool ;)=]invaderluver4life!

Why can't I play Lego Rock Raiders with a burned disk?

Because the disk won't load or play right. The information will be burned if the disk is burned because the imfo is on that disk.

Why does your torrent of Lego rock raiders not play the music or movies?

Those files are stored on the disc. You likely only torrented the files the disc installs onto the computer when run.

When did Lego Rock Band happen?

Lego Rock Band happened in 2009.