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How to catch Ralts

Unlockable: Ralts

How to unlock:

Rt. 102 (West of Oldale) Have PKMN with high friendship in front

Go to ODALE TOWN.Go south search in any kind of grass it will maybe ten minutes to find one.I trained mine to a gardevoir.In sapphire and emerald the same thing.Enjoy!

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Q: Where to find ralts in Pokemon ruby?
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Where do you find a ralts in Pokemon Ruby?

route 102

Where can you find a pokemon with hypnosis in Pokemon ruby?

ralts found in route 102.

Where do you find ralts in Pokemon Ruby?

You Can find it where Wally Caught hisOr look in the PokedexOr you can just look on Route 102, because that's the only place in Ruby where you can catch a Ralts.

Where do you get ralts in Pokemon Ruby destiny reign of legend?

To Get The Pokemon Ralts In Pokemon Ruby Destiny Reign Of Legends Might be Tough To Find Because it is Kind of Rare. Anyways To Get Ralts go To Snow Soft City And Keep Running Around It Might Take Long But Keep Trying The Pokemon You Would Find Is Ralts,Spheal , Smoochum ,Swinub, And Seel. Hope This Helped! By Andrew=D

Where is ralts in pokemon ruby?

You can find one at Route 102. It has a 4% chance of appearing.

What psycihc can you catch Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

abra and ralts are two of them

How do you get gardevour in Pokemon Ruby?

It is the last evolve form of ralts.

What level does ralts evolve at on Pokemon Ruby?

level 20

What levl does ralts evalve at Pokemon ruby?

Level 20

What level does ralts evolve on Pokemon ruby?

Ralts evolves at level 20... I think. Yeah, it is 20. :P

Which route can you find Ralts?

In ruby you will find it in route 102.

Where do you find a shiny Ralts on Pokemon Gold?

Ralts does not exist in Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal. It was added with Ruby and Sapphire. If you're referring to HeartGold version, Ralts can be found on Route 34, but encountering a shiny Pokemon is a 1/8,192 chance, so it could take weeks to months. If you use the Masuda method and breed your Ralts with a Pokemon from a different country the chance of the Ralts that hatches will be increased to a 1/1638 chance of being shiny!