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It makes it so that you have to play the notes exactly as you play them. It makes it harder to play.

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Q: What does precision mode do on Guitar Hero 3?
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What is precision mode on Guitar Hero 3?

It's a mode that tightens the timing window of notes and hammer ons.

What does the precision cheat do on Guitar Hero 3?

It gives u evrythng

What does the precusion mode do in Guitar Hero 3?

Precision Mode lessens the timeframe in which a note can be successfully hit, requiring more accuracy. Conversely, Easy Expert mode expands the timeframe in which a note can be successfully hit, requiring less accuracy.

What is air guitar mode in Guitar Hero 3?

whoever your 'player' it appears on screen to be playing air guitar

How do you use a bass on Guitar Hero 3?

To use a bass on guitar hero 3 , you must play on co-op career mode or online co-op. You can also play the bass in practise mode.

What is an easy way to beat Lou on Guitar Hero 3?

You can play easy mode

Do you have to unlock the battle mode for multiplayer on Guitar Hero 3?

No, you just have to look! Stupid!

What is the best guitar you can get on Guitar Hero 3?

Most likely the guitar for finishing hard mode. Rojimbo is its name, slicing sound waves is its game

What guitar hero is guitar hero arcade?

Guitar Hero III (Guitar Hero 3)

Will the guitar from Guitar Hero 3 work on Guitar Hero 5?

Yes it will, because I have guitar hero 3 and 5, and the guitar hero 3 guitar, works with both (as long as the guitar hero guitar is second player on 5).

What is performance mode on Guitar Hero 3 do?

performance mode makes the rock meter increase more when correct notes are played

Can you use a microphone on Guitar Hero 3?

No. You can only use it on the guitar hero games after guitar hero 3.