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Graveler needs to be traded to evolve, it will never evolve via leveling up

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Q: What level does graveler evolve in blue version?
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What level does squirtel evolve to in Pokemon Blue version?

Squritle evolves into Wartortle at Level 16 and then evolves into Blastoise at Level 36.

How do you get a golem Pokemon Ruby?

In Pokémon FireRed in order to receive Golem in the game you can catch wild Geodude in Quest Island, Rock Tunnel, Cerulean Cave, Mt. Moon, Kindle Road and within a cave on Mt. Ember and then you can raise Geodude until it begins to evolve at Level 25 at which point it will evolve into Graveler and then you can trade Graveler to another trainer so that Graveler will evolve it into Golem.

How do you evolve Graveler in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team?

you need a link cable which can be found on the 10th level on solar cave

What level does Kakuna evolves into beedril in Pokemon Blue version?

Kakuna will evolve into Beedrill once it reaches Level 10.

What levels do Pokemon evolve in blue?

Pokemon can evolve at a huge variety of levels; from 7 to 50. Some Pokemon don't need to level up to evolve. They can evolve by stones; such as: Fire Stone, Leaf Stone, Water Stone, Thunder Stone, and Moon Stone. You can evolve them by trading them with a friend, which these are the Pokemon can be traded to evolve: Graveler, Gengar, Machoke, and Kadabra. (These Pokemon are available in Blue and Red. The further Pokemon do not exist.)

What level does a katutops evolve in Pokemon Blue version?

Kabutops, (If that's what you're saying) doesn't evolve. However, Kabuto evolves into Kabutops at Lv. 40.

What item does graveler need to evolve in Pokemon Blue?

Graveler does not use an item to evolve. It evolves by being traded to someone else, meaning that you will need at least two game cartridges and consoles and a way to link them together. The same goes for Haunter, Machoke, and Kadabra.

What level does Magikarp evolve in Pokemon Blue?

Magikarp evolve at level 20.

What level does magnimite evolve on Pokemon Blue rescue team?

Magnemite will evolve at Level 30 in Blue Rescue Team.

What level does meowth evolve in Pokemon Blue?

level 28.

What level does Spearow evolve on Pokemon Blue?

Spearow will start to evolve into Fearow once it hits Level 20.

In Pokemon Red version for the game-boy color who and where do you trade Graveler to to get Golem?

There is no NPC to trade graveler to, you must either find a friend to trade and trade back with, or buy another blue, red, or yellow version and another gameboy and link cable and trade it among urself.