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Magikarp evolve at level 20.

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Q: What level does Magikarp evolve in Pokemon Blue?
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At what level does Magikarp evolve in Pokemon?

Magikarp evolves into Gyarados starting at level 20. Magikarp is #129 in the National Pokedex, and was introduced in the Generation I Pokemon titles (Red, Blue, and Yellow) where it could be found almost anywhere. In Generation VI (X and Y), it can be found on Routes 3, 22, and in the Parfum Palace. _____ Magikarp learns the move tackle at level 15, and when it evolves, it learns bite as a level 20 Gyrados.

Were to find Gyarados in Pokemon Blue?

option 1- evolve a magikarp from level 20 option 2- use super rod in the pond behind the house in fuchsia city

What level does Squirtle evolve in Pokemon Blue?

Well i had squirtle and it evolve to Mew at lvl 10 then it evolved to magikarp. so i suspected it was broken and broke it. i started crying then i picked charmander with my new game instead. fml.

What level does meowth evolve in Pokemon Blue?

level 28.

What happens if you pass evolve stage in Pokemon Blue?

the pokemon will just evolve when you get it to the next level

What level does magnimite evolve on Pokemon Blue rescue team?

Magnemite will evolve at Level 30 in Blue Rescue Team.

What level does kadabra evolve at on Pokemon Blue?


What level does cyndiquil evolve in Pokemon blue rescue team?

it doesnt evolve Are you sure!!!!!!

What level does Diglett evolve at in Pokemon Blue?

Diglett evolves at Level 26.

What level does Cubone evolve on Pokemon Blue Rescue Team?

Level 36

What level does Spearow evolve on Pokemon Blue?

Spearow will start to evolve into Fearow once it hits Level 20.

What level does belsprout have to be to evolve in Pokemon Blue?

In Pokemon Blue, Bellsprout evolves into Weepinbell at level 21 and Victreebell when exposed to a Leaf Stone