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You can play easy mode

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Q: What is an easy way to beat Lou on Guitar Hero 3?
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How do you unlock the Lou on the Wii version of Guitar Hero III?

I believe you have to beat him in career.

In Guitar Hero metallica can you use Lou?

no, Lou was a Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock exclusive

How do you beat Lou on Guitar Hero 3?

save 3 attacks and at death drain use all 3

On guitar hero world tour how do you verse Lou the devil?

You beat Guitar Duel vs. Sting, Guitar Duel vs. Ted Nugent, and Guitar Duel vs. Zakk Wylde.

How do you unlock Lou in Guitar Hero 3 for xbox 360?

You have to beat the game on any hardness level and then buy him from the store.

Who is the guy sitting in the chair on Guitar Hero 3?

The Guy In The Chair Is Robotic, He Is Controlled By Lou (The Devil In The Game.) When You Beat The Game, He Shuts Down And Lou Comes Out.

How do you beat Guitar battle VS Lou hard on guitar hero legends of rock?

wait till u have 3 things then launch all of them at him at 1 time

How do you beat Lou on Guitar Hero 3 medium level?

you have to hit all the notes and get the battle power and pray that u win

Is the character Lou in all the Guitar Hero games?


How do you get the devul went down to Georgia on Guitar Hero 3?

U have to beat Lou the devil in battle after all of the songs on the original songlist i think

What is the real name of guitar battle vs Lou from Guitar Hero 3?

The Devil went down to Georgia

Shouldent you get a golden guitar for beating Lou in Guitar Hero 3?

that's a good point, but i think it would be a fiddle actually