What is the list of guitar heroes'?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Guitar Hero

guitar hero 2

guitar hero rock the 80's

guitar hero 3

guitar hero aerosmith

guitar hero world tour

guitar hero mettalica

guitar hero 5

guitar hero van halen

dj hero

band hero

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Q: What is the list of guitar heroes'?
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When was Guitar Heroes created?

Guitar Heroes was created in 2004.

Can you use the guitar heroes 1 controller on guitar heroes 3?

Yes, it is possible to use Guitar Hero 1 Contoller on Guitar Hero 3, also on all of the Guitar Hero games.

Do Guitar Hero 3 guitars work with guitar her world tour?

Yes they do, I just got guitar hero world tour for Christmas and both guitars work with both games. Like the world tour guitar world with guitar heroes 3 and the world tour one and the guitar heroes 3 guitar works with guitar heroes 3 and world tour :) so yes is basically the answer! haha :)

What is the cost of guitar heroes in India?

HAHA priceless!!

What are the release dates for Golden Age of Rock'n'Roll - 1991 Rock's Guitar Heroes?

Golden Age of Rock'n'Roll - 1991 Rock's Guitar Heroes was released on: USA: 1991

Can you play rock band with a guitar heroes guitar?

no, because if compare them you'll see a big difference.

Does the guitar controller for Guitar Hero 3 PS3 work on any version of Guitar Hero PS3?

Yes, it works for all the Guitar heroes that came after Guitar Hero 3

How do you get heroes of our time on Guitar Hero?

That song is part of the Dragonforce Pack for Guitar Hero 3 that you have to pay to download.

How do you turn off microphone on guitar heroes of rock?

Unplug it. You can't use the analog controller for guitar on that game.

Can you use band hero guitar on guitar heroes 3?

No because Guitar Hero 3 is old... ish. Band Hero and Guitar Hero are also kinda different.

Does the Guitar Hero ledends of rock guitar work for Guitar Hero world tour?

If you mean Warriors of Rock, then yes. It will work for all other Guitar Heroes and Rock Bands

What is the most played song in Guitar Hero?

guitar hero 3 is the most popular it has the best songs and the hardest song in all the guitar heroes.