Can you get a virus from RuneScape?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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RuneScape doesn't give you any viruses; but it does install cache memory onto your computer to make it (RuneScape) run faster. This may slow down your computer's overall performance, since it takes up RAM and space.It is a browser based game and to get a virus you need to download the particular file, and you do not need to download anything for runescape (unless it's Java which you need to play it).Though you can download runescape client (optional have to do it manually) someone could put a virus on that other then that not possible.

EDIT: to answer the question straight forward: no. I've checked with norton safe websites and its fine. no viruses, nothing.

There are no viruses on Runescape. I have played for 5-6 years and i have gotten nothing. only viruses you can get is if you try to cheat by downloading an auto client or something. and something else you can consider a virus is being addicted to runescape :) and makeing runescape your life.

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Q: Can you get a virus from RuneScape?
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Is RuneScape a virus?

No, the official Runescape client is not a virus.

Is runescape a virus free game?


Is the Runescape Toolbar virus safe?

yes its safe

Is a cheat engine for runescape a virus?

most of them are yes.

What is the website for RuneScape 3?

There is no Runescape 3, unless it's a virus, either way Jagex the creators of Runescape didn't create it that's for sure.

Do runescape private servers give you a virus?

Some might.

Can you get a virus from rune scape?

No. But if your downloading a "hack" or "bot" for runescape it will probably end up hacking your runescape account.

Can RuneScape give you a virus?

No, over a million other players have played runescape and no-one has received a virus, the only way yo get one is if you download a bot for it, which is against the runescape rules anyways and you get bots off sites. If Jagex the creators of Runescape catch you with a bot you will most likely have your account locked to prevent further use of it.

Does rune scape cause viruses?

No it does not. Nobody ever has got a virus from runescape.

Does RuneScape have a virus?

NO! Runescape is a game from Jagex which has had sponsors from lots of safety companies for e.g. CEOP, Internet watch foundation and also report watch.

Are there any RuneScape clones?

The only "copy" of Runescape is Runescape 1 or also know as Runescape Classic. Most people play Runscape II though.

What are the risks of a virus?

You can not get a computer virus from RuneScape, impossible.Since you are not downloading anything, there is no way to get a virus. The only thing you are using is the Java Applet, and if you want to get technical, your keyboard, mouse, and hands.