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Bots are illegal, if you use them you can get banned from runescape.


Most of the bots are key loggers or viruses. They will ALL ask you for a password, if they don't then it's a virus (Why? Because that way the bot logs into runescape with your account it needs your password, if it doesn't ask for one then it's definitely NOT going to work/It's a virus, and if it asks you for one it could be a virus AND hack your account since it knows your password by then).

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Q: Is there a Runescape fishing bot for Musa Point that supports Stiles?
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Is there a free fishing bot for Runescape that supports noting fish with Stiles on Musa Point?

no, just play the game

How do you slay mogres on RuneScape?

To slay Mogres on RuneScape you need a "Fishing Explosive" which can be bought at a slayer store near you! Go to Mudskipper point, and use the explosive on a fishing spot, a Mogre will appear like magic.

Is there a Runescape fishing bot for Musa Point?

dude botting is bad. so guess what? answer isn't yours. go away, bot lover.

How do you get mudskipper clothes in RuneScape?

Kill Mogres at mudskipper point. You'll need fishing explosives (which you throw into the 'fishing spots') and a slayer level appropriate to hunt mogres. The clothing (flippers and hat) are random drops from them.

Is there a similar game to runescape only not mmorpg but just RPG that you can play on your PC without internet. Where you have skills like woodcutting fishing expieriance e.t.c.?

I don't think so, and I don't see the point of having a game like RuneScape in single-player mode. Much of the fun in RuneScape comes from interacting with other players - real people.

Where do you find tuna on rune scape?

You can find tuna on Musa point karamja. To get there, you must go to port sarim and pay 30 gold for a trip to Musa point. To fish tuna, you'll need a harpoon and 30 fishing. PS.It's Runescape!

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How can you get 10 mill in 5 minutes on RuneScape?

If things were that easy, there'd be no point playing Runescape.

How can you get a cheat engine for RuneScape . but in an easy version?

There is no cheat engine for runescape. What is the point in cheating anyway?, Where is the fun in that?

In runescape where is mudskipper point?

It is located South of Port Sarim.

Is there an end to RuneScape?

NO. There is no end to runescape. It does not have runescape levels like level-1 or anything. It is a free form game where you try to get high skills and a lot of gold. The point is to be sucessful.

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