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Go to free models and click on regen button. Then attach the regen button( the attach button should be on the top) to the model you want to regen. Exit the game (without using the regen button) and go back in and Wallah you should be done.

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Q: How do you regenerate models in roblox?
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How do you say regenerate on Roblox?

You have to say regen to regenerate stuff on roblox

Can you get banned for models roblox?

Yes. If you're models are inappropriate ROBLOX can ban you.

On Roblox how do you build a regenerating building?

Place the building model then insert an time-regeneration script into the building model from the free models. It should regenerate every 5 minutes or so.

How do you regenerate games on Roblox?

you have to exit the server and join an other one

How do you regenerate stuff on roblox?

look at

How do you put a model on a roblox character?

My ROBLOX > Character > Models

Do buildings regenerate if they get damaged in Roblox?

they will only regenerate if they were scripted to do that. More commonly they will regenerate after a certain time (i.e. 300 seconds (5 minutes)) although there are other ways of doing this!

How do you wear models roblox?

You cannot wear models on ROBLOX.

How do you use models in building on roblox?

You have to open roblox studio instead of play roblox it sould be on your computer. Click on the two spaners or something and a window will come up click the my models or free models

Can you where models in roblox?

Be more specific. If you mean "Can you wear hat models on Roblox" then yes, in a game, but no on your profile.

How do make a regening place on roblox?

Open the place in the Roblox studio. Then open the Insert window. Select free models in the drop down box and then search for "Regen script". You should find a script that lets you regenerate a model after a time limit. Select your entire place that you want to regenerate and make it a model, then insert the script into that model.

How do you make a talking regen script in Roblox?

You can obtain a talky regen script from the free models, or you can script one yourself. They work by cloning an object using the :clone() function and then later setting it's Parent to game.Workspace when they want to regenerate the object. If you don't know how to script, you can find tutorials on the Roblox Wiki.