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Q: What did the letter say in the avalanche mission in Club Penguin?
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What do you do to fix the avalanche on Club Penguin?

Go to YouTube and type Club Penguin Mission 3 Avalanche Rescue.

Avalanche rescue on Club Penguin?

Just go YouTube and type Club Penguin mission 3 Avalanche Rescue.

What is the fourth mission on Club Penguin?

The fourth mission is avalanche rescue.

Where do you go for the avalanche mission on club penguin?

you go to the ski hill

Where are the penguins in avalanche in Club Penguin?

they r in the mission 5.7 hibernation

How do you complete the mission avalanche rescue on club penguin?

you watch the video on youtube

In club penguin mission avalanche how do you reach the third penguin?

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What do you have yo find in the avalanche mission in Club Penguin?

you have to find a white fur that is in the ski villige

What is the REAL correct answer path on club penguin PSA mission 4 avalanche rescue?

all the time it is different

How do you beat the avalache misson on club penguin?

Well, good question! The Avalanche Rescue mission is fairly hard. Many websites have walkthroughs that you may search. Try searching is thew search bar, "avalanche mission club penguin", and you may get something. Hope that helps! - "Cutieoftn" on CP

What do you do after you save the penguins in the avalanche rescue mission in Club Penguin?

find the fur near the ski lodge and give it to G

Where is the interesting thing that G tells you to find on the avalanche mission on Club Penguin?

its in the lodge. under your mothers floor boards