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Yes you can use a PS2 controller on the PC, the equipment you need is a: PS2 to USB

This changes the game conroller connector.You plug the PS2 controller in then you put it in the computer via USB wich allows you to use it.

You might want to connect your PS2 (PlayStation 2) gaming console to your computer for playing your favorite games for several reasons to suit your convenience, like for example if you need to free up your TV set's connectors. But while you desire to get your PlayStation 2 connected to your computer, you may have to face some problems while doing so. The biggest problem is that your computer likely does not have the standard audio/video connections that most consoles use. This is solved with a device mostly used to help connect video players or cameras: the video capture card.

Materials Needed:

- Computer Hardware

Step 1

Now, before getting started you would require (1) A Computer (2) A PlayStation 2 (3) A Video Capture card. First you have to install a video capture card onto your computer. It can either be an internal card that is inserted into a PCI slot or an external card connected to your USB port. It must have composite audio/video (yellow, white and red) ports, which any capture card should necessarily have. Now you have to see to it that you load and install the capture card's software onto the computer so that it can recognize the card's drivers. The CD that is provided with the card does contain the needed software, and it also contains a media application to view videos through the capture card. Then you have to connect the PlayStation 2 to your computer by plugging the console's audio/video cable into the capture card. Make sure that the console's power adapter is plugged in. Now you have to move to the media player application and open it for the capture card on your computer. Depending on the nature or type of the capture card that you have chosen and installed, you can also try the applications like Windows Media Player, QuickTime or any other media application of your liking. For your convenience, you are advised to check the card's instruction manual to see if it works with other applications (and which ones).

Step 2

Connection of the PlayStation 2 is done. Now you have to insert a game into the PlayStation 2, then turn it on and wait for the PlayStation 2 screen appear on the media application's monitor. You have the option to use the application's 'Full Screen' option to enlarge the screen and you should opt for it as you would then be able to enjoy the largest game screen possible.

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Q: Can you use a PlayStation 2 controller on a PC?
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Including the PlayStation in this setup over-complicates things and gets you nowhere. Connecting a PlayStation 2 controller to a computer can easily be accomplished with the purchase of an adapter, that converts the PlayStation 2 connector to USB. These can be had from $5 to $15 dollars, depending on build quality. It is also possible to modify the cable yourself and connect it to the parallel port, although not many computers these days have one.

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