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go to YouTube and type in Club Penguin mission 9 they will show you

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Q: How do you finish club penguin mission 9?
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Where do you get the paper in club penguin mission 9?

From the penguin waiting in line and the dance club roof.

How do you do the club penguin mission 9?

well, you go to the headquarters and go to "mission 9"

How do you play mission 9 in Club Penguin?

Will there be a ninth secret mission on Club Penguin?

Of course! In club penguin mission 8, herbert gets away.So its obvious that there will be a mission 9!Also it is alreddy out!sboo

How do you win Club Penguin mission 9?

find out in utube

How do you beat mission 9 on club penguin elite penguin force? Everything is on there.

Where is the signal coming from in mission 9 club penguin?

mine shack

Where to find the string in mission 9 in club penguin?

the rope is in the lighthouse

What is the secret task on club penguin mission 9?

get the bg in the tree

How do you beat spy and seek mission 9 on club penguin?


How do you get the carma in the club penguin mission 9?

u get the binoculars in a tree

Where is the sticks in mission 9 in club penguin?

check the mine or the forest