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get the bg in the tree

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Q: What is the secret task on club penguin mission 9?
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What is the secret task in mission 11 in club penguin?

Fix the brown penguin's glasses.

What is the secret task on Club Penguin mission 10?

Help the shopkeeper at the gift shop.

Is there a secret task in mission 6 in club penguin?

You get the magnet blueprint from Herbert's desk before you leave his cave.

What is the secret task on mission 11 on club penguin?

the secret is 2 collect herberts (the evil polar bear)hair witchis by the ski lodge

How do you do challenge 3 on club penguin?

you do the mission or task

What is the secret task in mission 10 of club penguin?

Help the shop keeper at the gift shop take out some boxes and a table.

What is the secret task on cub penguin mission 10?

ur thick

How do you complete the secret task in mission 3 on club penguin?

u go into the boiler room and click fuse box and turn them all green

Is there a secret task in Questions for a Crab club penguin?

Yes. When in Herbet's base you will see some blue prints on the wall. Grab them and later in the mission give them to Gary.

What is the secret task on club penguin mission 8?

When you're in the boiler room at the end of the mission by Herbert's drill, click on the gear Herbert stole from the clock tower. Use the wrench to take it. G will ask you for it in the very end of the mission. Give it to him and you will get the secret prize when you end the mission. Hope that helps! :)

Where is secret task mission 4 epf club penguin?

Go into the Sports Shop and grab the belt off of one of the penguin models. Then go back to the ski lift and attach the belt to where the ski lift broke

Is there a secret puffle on Club Penguin?

Yes, behind the clock tower in club penguin,only famous people can go behind it.Example:Aunt Arctic,Gary the Gadget Guy,Rockhopper,Sensei can go behind it.It is a secret room.Inside the room there are many colours for them to choose.I bet Sensei chose gray.Because he is gray. BUT CLUB PENGUIN ROX!!!!!