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Q: How do you beat spy and seek mission 9 on club penguin?
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How do you complete the mission spy and seek on club penguin?

Visit club penguincp

How do you beat spy and seek mission on club penguin?

you have to be the best person every and it will work become a member then all the miracles will happen ...x :D

How do you complete mission spy seek on club penguin?

Its Easy I Already Finished It.

How do you complete mission operation Spy Seek?

go to and type club penguin cheats

What is the mission on club penguin after operation spy?

Operation Spy Seek is followed by Waddle Squad, and then The Veggie Villan.

How do you complete mission spy and seek on clubpenguin?

just type clubpenguin mission spy & seek walkthrough in your search browser bar

How do you get mission number 10 on club penguin?

Mission 10 is not out yet. Mission 9 (Spy and Seek) Is the latest mission and if you need Mission 9 you need to complete all of the missions before you can unlock it.

Where do you put the rubber duck in the club penguin spy mission?

If you mean Operation spy and seek (mission 9) then you go to the ice burg and place it in the water.

How do you pass operation 9 spy seek on club penguin?

How do you repair the kite on the club penguin mission?

Club Penguin : PSA Mission No. 9 Operation Spy & Seek You will have to make a kite in this mission. The best way to make anything is to start with a plan. For a KITE plan chat to Garry or just take the the one on the wall!! Add sticks and string and your done. Now for the MINE and the Sea. Good luck.

How do you solve club penguin spy and seek?


How do you do Spy and seek Mission on cub penguin?