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well first off if u can find one then great job because ive been trying for a long time and it dont matter just make a new accountbut probably for a week or 2

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Q: How long do you get banned for using a aimbot on ps3?
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Is there a legit mw3 aimbot or prestige hack for ps3?

None of the stuff you mentions is legit but you can still try it... at the risk of getting banned HAHAHAHAHAHAHA but seriously theres not alot of hacks for ps3 right now unlike PC

How do you install an aimbot for mw2 on your ps3?

Impossible. And cheaters are noobs!

Is anyone selling aimbot for black ops on ps3 for psn?

i am

How do you get a mw3 aimbot on a PS3?

You can't... All aimbots for ps3 online mw2 has been patches. But you can still have aimbots on 360 and PC for mw2

Can you play PS3 live in modified PS3 connection with psn?

You can play with a modified connection, but if you use it to cheat you may get banned from PSN. As long as you are connected to the internet with your PS3 you will be able to play muiltiplayer games. However using a modified connection to cheat could get your account on PSN banned as well as your PS3 banned so you will not be able to play online with it ever again.

Are there Battlefield 3 hacks for PS3?

You can get aimbot which is a software but I'm afraid I have no idea how to get it.

How do you get aimbot in mw2 ps3?

You buy a mod. it attaches to your controller and you can find it on eBay but they are pretty expensive

Is it even possible to download and use an Aimbot on MW2 for PS3?

It is possible. There are hack sites that let you do this and many other things even though it will get you banned. My friend downloaded a speed hack for private games and got banned in less then an hour so you have little chance of playing with one for more then a match. It will also be obvious if they are using one. Aimbots tend to make the person very jerky.

How do you get aimbot for black ops on ps3?

please not be a noob. play fairly. and go f*ck yourself.

What can you get banned from on PS3?

Think of it this way: if you shouldn't do it, you can get banned for it.

Will hacking modern warfare damage your PS3?

Yes, hacking any game on PS3 could damage your PS3. Not only physically, but using hacks can get you banned from PSN. Also hacking your PS3 is illegal and can get you in trouble with Sony.

What happens if you jailbrake your ps3 do you get banned?

Have you ever looked at the reasons that you can be banned when you signed up. There is a very long list and can be found under the related question. When a person Jailbreaks a PS3 they do so to allow the PS3 to add new functions and many of them can get you banned. You have to ask yourself why you want to jailbreak your PS3 and that new activity is often what can get you banned. You really need to read the related question and you might find that they could already ban you for things that you regularly do.