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It is not one of the reasons listed for being banned. You might want to review the related question and it's PlayStation Network link anyway.

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Q: If you use a us ps3 game on an Europe ps3 do you get banned on psn?
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Can you play PS3 live in modified PS3 connection with psn?

You can play with a modified connection, but if you use it to cheat you may get banned from PSN. As long as you are connected to the internet with your PS3 you will be able to play muiltiplayer games. However using a modified connection to cheat could get your account on PSN banned as well as your PS3 banned so you will not be able to play online with it ever again.

Is a PSN Master Account free?

Yes if you purchased a PS3 and have not been banned

Will hacking modern warfare damage your PS3?

Yes, hacking any game on PS3 could damage your PS3. Not only physically, but using hacks can get you banned from PSN. Also hacking your PS3 is illegal and can get you in trouble with Sony.

Will someone gameshare black ops first strike map pack on ps3?

Game sharing can get you banned from PSN and the person can hijack your account when you provide your id and password

Will a PS3 get banned from PlayStation Network for connecting a modded PSP via remote play?

Yes, it can happen, but it happens indirectly. Using the modded PSP can get the associated PSN banned, and that ban applies to anything that tries to log in to that PSN account. So an associated PS3 will find itself suspended from the PSN too if it uses that account.

Can you play online with a US PS3 game on a UK PS3?

As long as it uses the PSN , YES

How do you get the dlc for PS3?

All PS3 game DLCs must be purchased from the Playstation Store on PSN

Can you be 10 to get online for PS3?

No, you must be at least 13 to use a PSN account. Even then you need to be 18 to create one. Playing on a PSN account under the age of 13 can result in getting banned from PSN.

Can you download other zombie maps for ps3 without psn?

No the PS3 game addons must be downloaded from the Playstation Store

Where could one download the GTA San Andreas game?

The game is available on the PlayStation Network (PSN) in North America, Europe and Australia for the PS3. Xbox 360 users can download it via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Why can I only get one free game from the psn store?

Because you bought the "free ps3 2" befour you bought the "free ps3 1".

How do I download a PSX game to my PSP without having to log in to the owners PSN I was GameShared a game but cant download it wout owners PSN and he wont give me his password a 2nd time help?

Just admitting it is enough to get you both banned from PSN