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the rope is in the lighthouse

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Q: Where to find the string in mission 9 in club penguin?
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Where can you find the boot disk on club penguin?

if your asking about the mission its under the orange couch in the mission on club penguin

What to do when you find a penguin for a mission on Club Penguin?

click on him and he will talk

Where do you find the string on club penguin?

in the ski lodge attic

How do you get the tinder on club penguin mission 2?

find it

What is the best thing to do on Club Penguin?

When you get on a Club Penguin mission you find out clues and try to complete the mission. Certain sites can help you on the missions if you are stuck.

How do you win Club Penguin mission 9?

find out in utube

In club penguin on the mission of the fur where do you find the trap?

in the lighthouse

How do you beat the club penguin mission clockwork repairs?

find it

In club penguin mission 2 where do you find the bucket?

in a tree

How do you do the missing puffles mission on club penguin?

You have to find the puffles.

What do you do on club penguin mission 1?

find aunt artic's puffles

Where do you find the drill on mission mystery tremors on club penguin?

the dock