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Eyes -gives you hypnobari suit

im looking for more also

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Q: What are codes for Lego spinjitzu spinball?
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How do you get new outfits in lego spinjitzu spinball?


How many codes are there for Lego ninjago spinjitzu spinball?

one ,eyes now go and stop playing you beeep

What are some codes for spinjitzu spinball besides eyes?

i know them just look up "spinjitzu spinball" on Ninjago wiki

What are all the codes for the Ninjago Spinjitzu Spinball game?

lord garmadon

What are some online spinjitzu spinball codes?

Eyes is the only one I know currently.

What are the Lego Ninjago spinjitzu smash codes?


What are some cheat cods for spinjitzu spinball?

ninjagojazz and cheetahsmile

What are the codes for Lego Ninjago spinjitsu spinball?

the code i know for Lego Ninjago spinjisu spinball is ... 'eyes' = hypnobrie costume. 1. look in the bottem right conner. 2. click 'codes'. 3.enter 'eyes'. 4. click on your ninja to costimize. 5. click on the ninja mask.

What are the codes for Lego Ninjago spinjitzu smash?

# with bottom closed = with line down the middle swirl # with bottom closed you get 10,000 coins

What is a username for Lego ninjago spinjitzu snake invasion?


What are the codes for spinjitzu smash dx?


What are the codes for the game Spinjitzu Smash?