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catch entei and raikou

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Q: Ragecandybar guy in mahogany town heart gold pass?
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What is the ragecandybar for on HeartGold?

As far as I know, the RageCandyBar does nothing in particular. However, it allows you to pass through Mahogany Town.

How do you get pass the guy in Mahogany Town to get the last gym in johto in Heart Gold.?

!. Catch / defeat red Garyados 2. Follow the dragon guy to the city's store then defeat the rocket hide out 3. Fly to goldenrod 4. Defeat the rockets that take over the radio tower 5. Fly back to mahogany town and buy a ragecandybar 6. Then walk away towards blackthorn

How do you get pass the man in Mahogany Town in Pokemon Heart Gold?

say yes when he says "would yo lie a rarecandybar" then he'll let you pass hope i helped ha

How do you get pass the guy to get to the 8 gym leader in Pokemon soul silver?

If you're talking about the guy in Mahogany Town with the RageCandyBar, you have to fight the red Gyarados in the Lake of Rage. Then, Lance will ask you to help him take care of Team Rocket. After that, he will let you pass.

What do you do in mahogany town Pokemon Gold?

If you mean heart gold and all above you need to go to the lake of rage meet lance there and then go to the souvenir shop and beat team rocket if the guy when you try to leave still doesn't let you go, you have to go or fly to goldenrod radio tower and beat team rocket there then the guy in Mahogany should let you pass.

How do you get past mahogany town?

you have to defeat the other seven gyms to pass to the next city next to mahogany.

How do you pass Mahogany gym?

you have to battle the red gyrados then get to team rocket's base and get through it then you can battle in the Mahogany gym the get to pryce

How do you get pass rare candy guy mohagany town heart gold?

Beating parts of the game

How do you pass the guy blocking the stairs in the radio tower in Pokemon gold?

You have to complete the Team Rocket HQ mission at Mahogany Town and win the Mahogany Gym Badge. Then you go to the Goldenrod Radio Tower then you see that the officer is gone because Team Rocket wants to run the radio tower.

How do you pass the man on rt32 in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Go into Violet City's market and talk to the man with glasses. He will give you an egg and you will be able to pass.

How do you get to Blair in Pokemon SoulSilver?

When you have 7 gym badges to have to go to a guy where the 7 gym is and buy a ragecandybar and then you have to pass him and go to a cave called the ice path

Where can you find the pass that lead you to the Hoenn region in heart gold?

You can't go to the Hoenn region in HG/SS.