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You need the Silph Scope to find the ghost's identity bet you have to get it from Team Rocket's boss. When you defeat him, he will leave it behind. Get it and go to Pokemon Tower. Then go to the stairs where a ghost won't let you pass. You find out the ghost's identity, which is Marowak. Then defeat it and it will calm down and depart to the afterlife.

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Q: Why won't the ghost let you through the stairs in the Pokemon tower on fire red?
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Where can you find the ghost tower in Pokemon pearl?

There is no ghost tower but there is a lost tower where you find ghost Pokemon on route 209.

How do you get past ghost in Pokemon tower?

You must defeat them.

Where do you get strengh in Pokemon pearl?

You go to the ghost tower

How do you get ghost Pokémon in Pokémon tower defense?

in tower defence ghost pokemon come and its takes a while thouh i hpe it helps

Where do you catch a ghost Pokemon on soul silver?

Sprout Tower.

Clearing fog in ghost tower on Pokemon leaf?

you cant

Can you catch a ghost on FireRed?

You cannot catch the ghost in the Pokemon Tower until you reveal what it really is.

In Pokemon HeartGold where do you get a ghost type Pokemon?

first at sprout tower at violet city. next is burnt tower at ecruteak city.

How many stairs are in destiny tower in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky?


How do you get to the top floor in the grave yard in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The stairs are blocked by an unidentifiable ghost. To be able to get past this ghost, you have to go to the Silph Co. building in Saffron City and defeat team rocket (this includes Giovanni). Next, go up to the old man on the couch and talk to him. he should give you an item called a Silph Scope. Go back to Pokemon Tower and walk to that set of stairs that is blocked by the ghost. This time when you battle it, the Silph Scope will identify the ghost as a deceased Marowak. Defeat it and you can get to the top.

How do you move the snolax from the bridge in FireRed?

You will need PokeFlute, You can get it from Mr. Fuji, after you have saved him from Team Rocket in Pokemon Tower. How to get trought the ghost in Pokemon Tower and save Mr. Fuji? You must get Silph Scope to identify the ghost, you can get it from Silph Co. (The big house in the center of Saffron City) You must defeat Team Rockets inside the house, Their Boss, Giovanni will give you the Silph Scope. Go back to Lavender Town and walk trough the Pokemon Tower, you will encounter a Ghost near the stairs. The Silph Scope will identify it as Marowak, but you can't capture it, you must defeat it.¨ Go up the stairs and defeat Rocket Grunts. Now, just talk to Mr. Fuji ^^ Good Luck^^

What does the blackglasses do in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can find Ghost-Type pokemons in Pokemon Tower in Lanvender City