How many players is left 4 dead 2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Left 4 Dead 2 is 2players when you are offline and 4 players when you are online it is very simple. HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How many players is left 4 dead 2?
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Can two players play left for dead 2?

4 players can play in Left 4 Dead 2.

How many players is deadspace?

Deadspace is one player but dead space 2 will be online with a left 4 dead style play with 4 players as human and 4 as aliens

Can you play 4 players offline on left 4 dead 2?


Can you play 2 players on left 4 dead?

yes u can go to multiplayer and click 2 players not online

Is left 4 dead 2 players?

Yes, yes it is, it is fully co-op between to players, and online even more. Also Left 4 dead 2 is coming out soon. So look for it ;)

How you set up the 4 players on left 4 dead 2?

2 go on x box and 2 go on computer

How many players can play on left 4 dead 2?

Up to 4 (four) people at once. You can get 3 other people to play with you in the same room, or with up to 3 other people on xbox live. There are up to 4 players for all of the Left 4 Dead games. -Bluesaturn22(the newest member)

Left 4 dead 2 no zombies?

yes there is many many many zombies

In left 4 dead Xbox360 can you play as a zombie without going online?

you can on left 4 dead 2 just go on scavenge then when the part where it connects you to players cums up just press the X button simple as

How many coop can you have in left 4 dead?

sadly only 2

Should you get left for dead 2 or army of 2 40th day?

Left 4 Dead 2!!

Can you be a zombie in left 4 dead 2?

To be an "infected" (aka Zombie) in Left 4 Dead 2 you must play a game mode called "Versus" where you and other human players battle against each other while taking turns being "Survivors" and the "Infected".