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4 players can play in Left 4 Dead 2.

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Q: Can two players play left for dead 2?
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Two players on the same base after the out is this a dead ball play?

No, the ball is not dead.

How do you play two players on house of the dead 2?

Yes it is two player

Can you play two players in dead rising 2?

Yes but only online

Can two players play left 4 dead 2 at once?

Yes, you just plug in a second controller and it should prompt you to the co-op mode!

How do you play two player on left 4 dead?

2 Playter left for dead on consoles have to be played on xbox live, as do they on the computer

How do you get three players on left 4 dead?

On one system? You can't. You can only play co-op between two people on one console because the split screen can't split up into three and still give you visibility you need to shoot the zombies. In order to play with three or four players on Left 4 Dead, two people can be on one console and the third and fourth can be on another or you can all be on separate consoles.

How many players can play left 4 dead on the same consel?

On the Xbox 360 only two people can play at once on the same console. On the PC i think only 1 at a time but I'm not totally sure.

Can you play two players in red dead redemption undead night mare?

Splitscreen, unfortunately no. However you can play with a lot of players in different modes over Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network.

Is left for dead two out?

Left 4 Dead Has Been Out For Two Months

Can you play two players?

If you are playing a multiplayer game, then yes, you can play two players, or more if you want

How many players can you play with in PS3?

Two players

How can two players play destroy all humans 2?

Two players