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Yes it is two player

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Q: How do you play two players on house of the dead 2?
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Can two players play left for dead 2?

4 players can play in Left 4 Dead 2.

Two players on the same base after the out is this a dead ball play?

No, the ball is not dead.

Can you play two players in dead rising 2?

Yes but only online

Where can you play house of the dead 2?

You can play house of the dead two in arcades in 1998. They also released it on the sega dreamcast in 1999, 2007 on wii and 2000 on the pc/ mac.

Can you play two players in red dead redemption undead night mare?

Splitscreen, unfortunately no. However you can play with a lot of players in different modes over Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network.

How many players can you play with in PS3?

Two players

How can two players play destroy all humans 2?

Two players

What games are played on XBOX 360 with 2 players?

These are the games that you can play with two players on the XBOX 360, Dead or Alive, Worms, Halo, and Call of Duty. There are many other games that are two player games on the xbox 360.

How many players can play the game scrabble?

In scrabble only Two to Four players can play.

Why can't you play 2 players on Halo 3 with 2 controllers?

You can play two players on halo 3 with two controllers

How many players can play xbox connect?

Currently, up to two players can play Kinect simultaneously

Is dead island two players for xbox 360?