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Q: How do you play 2 players on bully scholarship edition for the wii?
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How do you play 2 players on bully scholarship edition for the XBOX360?

press start at the beginning and select multiplayer and u can play with other player or on xbox live

Does summer end in bully scholarship edition?

No, you just play free and finish tasks.

Is bully scholarship edition for psp?

yes there is i've seen a couple of vids in youtube where in kids play it right on their psp

Does the Bully Game work on PS3?

No only on Xbox and PS2. Some of the old 4 USB port PS3 may play the PS2 Game and they have a Bully: Scholarship Edition for Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, & PC

Do you need a basketball scholarship to play in college?

No many players are recruited with little or no scholarship money. Other players also "walk on".

How can you play bully scholarship edition without pixelshader 3.0?

you will need swiftshader 3.0 or hope your version of pixel shader is strong enough to fake the game out and run slow with missing textures (thats what mine does

How many players can use Scrabble: Championship Edition?

One or two players can play Scrabble: Championship Edition.

How or where to download Bully Scholarship Edition?

You can either buy it or downlload it.Anyways its paid.I suggest that you should need a unlimited internet connection.Well if your buying it ,then go to Rockstar games and buy it OR go direct to any e-shopping sites.If your downloading it you should have u torrent and search at google like this-'bully scholarship edition PC torrent file'.Then select from the site 'kickass torrents',when you get to the site download the torrent file and after downloading the torrent file, add it to your utorrent.after it downloads the full game play and enjoy!

Can you play minecraft pocket edition with 4 players?


Can you play three players in minecraft Xbox 360 edition?

Yes. You can also play four player split screen.

Can 3 players play minecraft pocket edition?

Yes, you can, over Wi-Fi LAN.

Do you need a scholarship to play college sports?

No you do not need a scholarship to play college sports. You need a scholarship to pay tuition.