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Make 3 mistakes while playing Pizzatron 3000. Now click the Pizza sauce, the hot sauce, the cheese, the seaweed, the shrimp, the squid, and finally the fish.

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Q: How do you get the food fiasco stamp on club penguin?
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How do you get a food stamp on club penguin?

You mean the one in the events and in parties? The food fight stamp probably. - It has to be a party that in it there is a room that when you throw a snowball it becomes food. Throw a snowball in that room and you get it.

What is food emotes for club penguin fish dogs stamp?

ep = blue puffle fj= joke ew= chocolate icecream etc.

What is a puffles on club penguin favorite food?

The most favorite food of puffles, on club penguin, is pizza, and cake.

What do you eat to survive on club penguin?


How do you sell food on club penguin?

You can't.

Where does the food go in club penguin?

into your mouth

How do you buy a food stand on club penguin?

hi I played club penguin for 3 years and im sorry to say you cant buy food from the food stand.

Where is the food booth on club penguin?

There is a food booth at the ice rink

Does sensei eat food on club penguin?


Where do you get food for your puffel in club penguin?

in the pet shop

How do you put food on the table in club penguin?

You don't.

Where are all the food stands on club penguin?

at the stadium