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Q: What is the minecraft hunger games server?
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What minecraft Hunger Games server allow you to drop items? Its a server for everything, survival, parkour, and hunger games!

What are the kits in minecraft Hunger Games?

Witch server?

How do you get a Minecraft Hunger Games account?

You don't have to make an account to play the hunger games on minecraft all you have to do is find the right server that provides minecraft hunger games and there are plenty of those

What is the Hunger Games version of minecraft called?

All you have to do is search up "Hunger Games Minecraft Server" and it should come up with it.

What minecraft hunger games server does captinsparkelz play on?

GLG Craft Games

How do you get in a minecraft hunger games server for free?

look it up on youtube

Is Hunger Games Minecraft free?

To play hunger games you have to pay for the full premium minecraft however after you have purchashed that you are able to play on any server that is not whitelisted for free.

How do you get the hunger games server on minecraft?

These are pretty good. There's a lot of players on it :)

How do you get into a hunger games server on minecraft?

Multiplayer>Direct Connect> type in and go into that server. Find the "Survival Games" server (there are 2) in the server hub.

What hunger games server does ASF jerome play on minecraft?

he plays on the nexis server with the bajancanadian

Does captain sparkles have a minecraft server?

No, but he plays on Xrpmx13's server quite alot to play hunger games

What is the best hunger games server for minecraft?

Well, that's an opinion; but I would go with the Lazle server (