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No, violent Video Games teach kids about life and how it is and how it will be in the modern age...

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2011-11-29 14:43:23
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Q: Should violent video games be banned or not?
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Should violent video games be banned for minors?


Why shouldnt violent video games be banned?

They shouldnt because people arent forced to watch violent video games. That us all.

Violent video games and cartoon should be banned?

I myself don't believe that they should as I think that's what makes most games and cartoons fun

Should popular consumerist images of women be banned because they are violent?

no. because i doubt images would be more violent then some video games out there. lol

How many people will loose their jobs if violent video games got banned?


Do violent video games promote real life violence?

Though I do not believe violent video games promote real life violence, many experts believe they do. For example, in Australia violent video games are banned, and a heavy fine is placed on those found with them.

Should video games be banned from schools?


Are violent to blame for violent society and should they be banned?

I think violent video games should not be banned because they dont really influence people. As people can emulate violent videos games they can emulate violent movies, comic books, etc. Some games like Grand Theft Auto, teach lessons too, for example when there is a crime the police goes after you and they dont let this crime go. These games can prepare you for the real world. As known as self defense. There should not be blame for violent society.

Should violent video games be banned in London?

Well, it depends from person to person. But i guess they should not be banned. For Mature games, we have PAL, but kids will always find a way to get the games. This means the parents should also watch out. But it's really a bad idea to ban them. Since video games are for Everyone, also for full-age people. And they want their games.

Why should you ban violent video games?

we shouldn't

What are some violent video games that a parent should be aware of?


Should video games be banned for under 16 children?

:-o NO!

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