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:-o NO!

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Q: Should video games be banned for under 16 children?
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Should mobile phones be banned from children under 12?

well it should be banned from 6 under because they might call 911 or something like that so they dont under stand

Should 18 plus video games be banned?

Only for people that are under 18

Should kids under the age of 16 be banned from facebook?

Yes kids under the age of 16 should be banned from Facebook.

Why should 18 and under be banned from working?

no why

Children under the age of 12 were banned from working in cole mines?


Should under 11s be banned from the internet?


Why shouldn't mobile phones be banned from children under twelve?

they are way to young.

Should mobile phones for children under 12 be banned?

No because if they get lost and they are in trouble who r they gonna call 999 the police.So that's my opion.

Why should mobile phones not be band from children under 12?

Actually - children under 12 they should be banned from using mobiles ! There is on-going research into the effects of the microwave radiation given out by mobile phones on the user. Children have thin skulls - allowing the microwave radiation to penetrate deeper into the users brain.

Should mobile phones be banned from people under 12?


Should Moblile Phones be banned for kids?

It depends on age. A young kid shouldn't have a phone because children under 10 are a little too young to walk around with smartphones. Older kids should not be banned from phones because if they were, it would make them feel like they have no rights.

Should internet be banned for people under 11 years of age?

Well there are pro's and cons. Pros: 1. Inappropriate stuff 2. Bad games 3. bad websites cons: 1. fun games! 2. Children will find away to get internet if they are younger. (believe me) 3. Might get mad

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