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You don't.

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Q: How do you put food on the table in club penguin?
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How do you put Club Penguin on an i Pad?

just type in club penguin on your i pod

If you have an Elite Penguin Force how do you put it on Club Penguin?

Put the code on

What do you do with the clothes on mission 10 club penguin?

You put them outside the gift shop near the snow forts along with the table and balls.

How to club penguin?

click and penguin was movin put d and penguin dance put t to snowballs

What are the necessary condition to become a member of the G20?

That is not a club in club penguin. Don't put it under club penguin if its not.

How do you set up the clearance table on club penguin?

click the table in the gift shop, then the box, then the pile of clothes, go outside, put up the table, set out the box, then finally the clothes

Who is the richest penguin on club penguin put answer and put how many coins you have?

i have 1 mil

How do you get someone out of a club with out hurting the person?

You put this in Club Penguin?

Club penguin how to play?

click and penguin was movin put d and penguin dance put t to snowballs

How do you sell furniture on club penguin?

No You Can Not, Sell you're Furniture On Club Penguin.

Where to put the rope on club penguin?

in the castle

Where do you put the trap in Club Penguin?

there is no trap