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they cant eat from the bowl. the bowl is just decoration

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Q: How do you get you puffles to eat from the food bowl in your room on club penguin?
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What is a puffles on club penguin favorite food?

The most favorite food of puffles, on club penguin, is pizza, and cake.

Do you feed your puffle on the menu on club penguin?

Uh no i dont think so, the way i feed my puffles are by clicking on the puffle itself and clicking on the food to feed. I'm sure this is how everybody eles has to feed their puffles as well. Hope this helps! Good luck!

How do you take puffles out on a walk when they won't on club penguin?

what you do is make sure that they have enough food and energy and then they should come with you:) hope this helps if you have any comments or complaints about my awnser put it on the message board thingy:):/

How do you buy a food stand on club penguin?

hi I played club penguin for 3 years and im sorry to say you cant buy food from the food stand.

What do you eat to survive on club penguin?


How do you sell food on club penguin?

You can't.

Where does the food go in club penguin?

into your mouth

How do you get pizza for a puffle on clubpenguin?

you can't!the puffles always eat puffle food and drinks water.oh and if you want to meat me on club penguin,i go on berg from monday to friday.And i go at three to three penguins name is bootpacker

Where is the food booth on club penguin?

There is a food booth at the ice rink

Does sensei eat food on club penguin?


Where do you get food for your puffel in club penguin?

in the pet shop

Where are all the food stands on club penguin?

at the stadium