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you need to beat the elite four and have the national dex

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Q: How do you get the buff guy out of the way in victory road in Pokemon pearl?
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What is at the end of victory road in Pokemon pearl?

.....The Pokemon league......

Where do catch dusknoir on Pokemon pearl?

victory road

Where can you find a dranti on Pokemon pearl?


Where is the victory road in Pokemon Pearl?

Make your way through route 223. When you get to a Pokemon Centre, walk into the cave on the left and you will be in victory road.

Where is victory road in pearl?

victory road is north of sunyshore city a the end of the cave before Pokemon league

Where is the exit of victory road in Pokemon pearl?

in twin leaf town

Map of Pokemon platinum Victory Road?

same as diamond/pearl

How do you get to the Pokemon leugue in pearl?

After getting all eight badges sail upwards from sunnyshore city until you get to victory road. Get through victory road and you will be at the Pokemon league.

Cheats for Pokemon Pearl how to get Pokemon league?

Beat the 8th gym leader and have a Pokemon that knows Surf and Waterfall to get to Victory road. go though victory road battle your rival and there you go.

How do you get past victory road in Pokemon platnium?

all you have to do is follow the diamond/pearl walkthrough for victory road. I suggest looking up

Where do you find a Pokemon trainer with an octilery?

In platinum,pearl, and diamomd on the way to the victory road

How do you find elite 4 on Pokemon pearl?

Go past victory road you dummy