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Use waterfall above Sunyshore and it will take you to Victory road. Go through Victory Road's maze and you'll find yourself at the elite four.

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Q: Where can I find the elite four on Pokemon Pearl?
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Where do you find the elite four in Pokemon Pearl?

tell your mom

In Pokemon Pearl is there an Elite Five?

there is only elite four

Can you find Mewtwo in Pokemon Pearl?

NO!this wise guy is wrong! you can find mewtwo on Pokemon pearl. in pal park after you defeat the elite four and you have to migrate it from firered or leafgreen.

Where to catch a bellsprout in Pokemon pearl?

You find them after you defeat the Elite four in the north of the Resort area

Where do you find giritina in Pokemon pearl?

Turnback cave in Sendoff spring after you beat the elite four

How do you get level100 on Pokemon pearl?

do the elite four lots ;)

In Pokemon pearl Do you need all eight badges to battle the elite four?

Yes, you need all eight badges to battle the elite four in Pokemon pearl.

What would be a perfect team for the Elite Four in Pokemon Pearl?

The perfect team for the elite four in Pokemon pearl is a dragonite blastiose charizard blaziken lapras and alakazam.

In Pokemon Dimond and Pearl where do you find re per cloth?

Route 229(After beating the Elite Four)

Where can you catch ralts in Pokemon pearl?

you can find it on routes 203 and 204 but you have to have the pokeradar which you get after you beat the elite four

Where to find Sucuine on Pokemon Pearl?

Sucuine does not exist on Pokemon Pearl. I believe it is in FireRed/LeafGreen if you pick Charmander for a starter, roaming the wild after you beat the Elite Four.

What Pokemon beat the elite four in pearl?

an level hundred