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you can find it on routes 203 and 204

but you have to have the pokeradar which you get after you beat the elite four

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Q: Where can you catch ralts in Pokemon pearl?
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How do catch a ralts in sapphire?

You can catch Ralts south of petalburg city. Ralts is a great Pokemon trust me and if you have diamond/pearl get an extra male ralts and evolve it into kirlia. Give the male kirlia to your diamond/pearl and use a dawn stone on it and it will evolve into Gallade

How do you get Galade in Pokemon pearl?

catch ralts and train him to an kirlia and give him an dawn stone(Kirlia must be an boy)

How do you get ralts in Pokemon Pearl?

Ralts can be found on Routes 203 and 204 with the PokeRadar.

How do you get ralts on Pokemon pearl?

Ralts can be found by using the PokeRadar on Route 203.

Where do you catch Ralts in Pokemon Diamond?

you catch ralts at route 203 and 204 and use a poke radar

How do you catch a ralts on Pokemon SoulSilver?

listen to pokemon talk. wait for an outbreak and go catch it.

What psycihc can you catch Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

abra and ralts are two of them

Where can you catch a ralts?

Route 102 on Pokemon Sapphire.

What level does ralts evolve on Pokemon pearl?

Level 20.

What level does ralts evolve Pokemon pearl?

Level 20

Where do you get ralts in pokempn pearl?

You have to go to jubilife city go to the patches of grass use your poke rader . You wont get ralts right away . you need patience to catch a ralts . you can only catch ralts until you get the national dex

How do you get a ralts on pearl?

Ralts can only be obtained on Pokemon Pearl by using the PokeRadar on Routes 203 & 204-South. Ralts only has an 11% appearance rate in these areas so good luck!